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Assalamualaikum :)

So, I watched a video from Fynn Jamal's suggestion....

Here it is,

Oh God, am I the only one who couldn't watch the video that I just recorded? By myself? Of myself?
It's okay. Maybe you guys would be terribly surprised to look at my terribly done make-up.

So, from the video I can relate a lot to myself. But, alhamdulillah the people around me are Malays that don't actually say harsh things clearly but they put it into sarcasms.

It's surprising to admit that, there are still people who are like this, discriminating people with skin problems and even to me.

I truly feel the feelings of them who has acne all over their face. It is easy to tell people to ignore that and just feel confident...but man, the saying is true, "easy to be said, but hard to be done".

First of all, if you ever found someone with serious or mild acne problem please be very very considerate. You think your jokes are fine, b…