I am a Yoga Teacher!

Assalamualaikum :)

Hi friends! I'm so excited to announce that, yes, I'm a certified yoga teacher now. Many many alhamdulillah. Honestly, I would actually love to share how I started everything but it has been in my drafts for like months now...wait...almost a year!

Currently, I am on my break before degree starts soon this September. If you're around Johor Bahru please do come to my yoga class every Thursday, 8.30 pm at Lady's Gym Taman Universiti. Or you can always just hit me right up on my DMs at my instagram @imahzulk to meet up or just email me at

Don't worry, whether you're a beginner (complete beginners included), intermediate or advanced, yoga is for any BODY at all! Yes! (Well obviously I have quoted some yogi influencers) hahahaha

But honestly tho, I will! I can help you make your practice modified and suitable for you own body, your own restrictions. Insha Allah.

Also, please do check out my Youtube channel! I'm honest…

end of 2017

Assalamualaikum :)

Wow. It's super hard to keep up with student life, yoga life and blogging. Yoga life? Surprise..surprise...who would have thought that the Fatimah you knew is now a yoga practitioner and a yoga teacher too! I wish I could have shared everything here earlier.

I thought of Blogging my experiences here after seeing everyone's 2017 blessings and gratitude before 2018. I could say that 2017 is the year I realized, I am not who I think I was in high school and yeah, quite cliche, but I'm in search of myself. I pretty much know who I am, and my likes and dislikes, whatever there is, I know of them. And I am sure I will discover a lot more about myself.

However, I'm quite sad for another year to enter but there are still pending issues I have, pending; either it stays like that or I'm the only one who's overthinking. But that's okay. A new year for us to grow wiser, stronger and happier.

yes, happier.

Pengalaman menduduki interview JPA dan MYPAC/Yayasan Peneraju PART 2

Assalamualaikum :)

(I'm sorry for not being istiqamah in the language I use, but I'm not well aware of who are my readers? If you would love to see more of my posts, please acknowledge me which language you prefer)

To continue yesterday's post,
how do you respond to these questions? (MYPAC)

well first of all, a good friend of mine, Huda Farhana shared with me some of her notes for this particular interview. It would be a bonus if you do your homework on the ACCA website about almost everything. Read and understand the syllabus (IF POSSIBLE JUST MEMORIZE THEM because some of my friends were asked about it) and what are the credentials you need to become a part of ACCA.

When you introduce yourself, don't brag about the unimportant things. They do not want to know about that. Make it interesting. Try to state your strengths and how it compliments the program. For example, you are known to be sociable so in the CAT ACCA program you are required to be that and bla bla bla …

Pengalaman menduduki interview JPA dan MYPAC/Yayasan Peneraju PART 1

Assalamualaikum :)

Woah, maafkan saya sebab dah setahun lebih (atau cukup dua bulan) untuk tidak update apa-apa di sini?

Kata orang putih, long story short, saya dah lepas SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia atau Malaysia's National Certificate of Education) dan bersyukur ke hardat ilahi atas keputusan yang agak cemerlang untuk saya. Sejujurnya, saya memang tak expect pun keputusan SPM saya hampir semua A...ada satu B tambah tau. Agak-agak apa? Hahaha...subjek tu tak A, tak boleh lah nak jadi engineer ya teman-teman.

Dengan keputusan yang serba boleh tu, saya sampai saje rumah terus applyje semua yang boleh.
Beberapa minggu lepas, saya telah pun menghadiri dua jenis temuduga untuk mendapatkan tajaan biasiswa untuk teruskan pelajaran di menara gading.

Saya nak cerita sikit lah pengalaman. Pada mulanya, saya agak ragu-ragu apabila mendapat jemputan daripada MYPAC (Malaysian Professional Accountant Centre) untuk menduduki CAT-ACCA Assessment. Sejujurnya saya memang gelabah untuk menerima be…

Subhanallah, my Eid week :)

Assalamualaikum :)

Hi everybody! I think it isn't too late for me to wish you all a very Happy Eid ul-Fitr! You know what? I actually wanted to fast for the whole month of Ramadhan but well eventually my ovary is healthy so it doesn't skip a few days *LOL*

Okay so I have decided to share with all of you the things that happened to me. When I wanted to type the title, suddenly there was like an idea bulb popping out of my head and I was actually half smiling!

So let me tell you that firstly I thought this holiday could be a bit more productive than the previous ones. Well, I'll be having a lot of exams from now on and they are SUPER IMPORTANT. Yes, I am a candidate for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or is it Menengah (secondary) ? Hahaha never mind. But like always, everything is already 'ke laut' (to the sea).

So actually I asked my mom to buy this Fynn Jamal RTW Samiah that was on SALE for only 130 something from 160+++ since it was her son's birthday, Jun…

my thoughts on arlina

Assalamualaikum :)

Biasalah kan, dah nak dekat raya memang cuti betul-betul walaupun kerja rumah bertimbun.
But just let me clarify one thing here;
I will definitely keep this blog active from time to time in sha Allah but of course lah after SPM okay T_T

Saya ni calon SPM yang cemerlang yang sepatutnya buat kerja rumah dan belajar...tapi KELAUT! Oh my God please tell me who would really put aside the raya mode aside at this time???

Okay so if you follow twitter issues that were trending in Malaysia;
ARLINA BANANA was one of it. I don't really follow her much but (no offense) I kinda know about her. I even have a batchmate who has a sister who knew Arlina. So the fuss that was going on was
Arlina tweeted to everyone that she was going to take her own life. Yes. Total suicide.

If you're a loyal follower of hers she has been such a great motivation to a lot of people regarding being plus sized and not hot && flawless like how the media shows us.
However, she still gets a…

the reality #1

Assalamualaikum :)

Hey everyone. How's your holiday? Trust me, how fine you're holiday was doesn't depend on anyone else but you. You're the one who makes the holiday beneficial or sort of ripping your life apart.

By the way, to any of you who followed my twitter yeah I kinda deactivated it recently, hoping that it will be deleted? But let's see how long can it last because I have actually tried doing it.

Okay, so going back to the topic today well I don't really have the specific idea to share with you guys but lemme just say that in this world there are tons of people like seriously different people.

I may not be well experienced I have seen this with my own eyes. I'm a teenager who goes to a boarding school, and not just any boarding school. I'm not tryna be proud of it, but it's a fact that my school can be a lot of different than daily schools. We have a lot of organizations among students, clubs, activities and a seriously packed time-table. T…