end of 2017

Assalamualaikum :)

Wow. It's super hard to keep up with student life, yoga life and blogging. Yoga life? Surprise..surprise...who would have thought that the Fatimah you knew is now a yoga practitioner and a yoga teacher too! I wish I could have shared everything here earlier.

I thought of Blogging my experiences here after seeing everyone's 2017 blessings and gratitude before 2018. I could say that 2017 is the year I realized, I am not who I think I was in high school and yeah, quite cliche, but I'm in search of myself. I pretty much know who I am, and my likes and dislikes, whatever there is, I know of them. And I am sure I will discover a lot more about myself.

However, I'm quite sad for another year to enter but there are still pending issues I have, pending; either it stays like that or I'm the only one who's overthinking. But that's okay. A new year for us to grow wiser, stronger and happier.

yes, happier.