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Sanah Helwa ya Sadiqati :')

Assalamualaikum :)


Dear Sahabat,
back then, you were always there for me.
When I am sad,
when I am happy.
But I was not.

Dear Lovely Gal,
back then, you were always very understanding, concerned and kind to me.
When I feel like slapping people....
When I was in pain, and hurt.
But I was not.

Dear Sunshine,
back then, you always try your best to make me happy.
Even you're sick.
Even you're busy.
But I was not.

Dear, Azizah Batrisyia.
I am sorry for not being the one that you ever dreamt of.
I am sorry for always disappointing you.
I am sorry for being such a hypocrite.

whatever happens..
I want you to know that I will always love you.
Even if we are far apart,
I will always think of you.

Thank you dear buddy.
You are indeed a friend in need, and a special one too :)

Happy 14th Birthday Azizah Batrisyia binti Abdul Halim!
May Allah bless you always, and may you succeed in dunia and akhirat....
In shaa Allah amiin!
Have a blast today in your boa…

La Tahzan :')

Assalamualaikum :)

Honestly, I keep my feelings to myself. I just save it in my heart. But when I do it for a long period, it can be a revenge or that feeling of hatred will come and it is not good or healthy. So I write it in my diary. But I am tired of writing and I know no one would ever or can read my diary..... that is why I post in a blog, hoping that someone could read them so they would understand that I am hurt and suffering. I had no intention to let people read them or even know about them but I can actually for a second to feel like someone do care about me by reading my blog eventhough no one would read it actually.

But I know some people would think like I am purposely telling everybody my problem so someone could give me attention.. Like I want sympathy lah kononnya. But no! And to avoid that, what do I do? I go back to my diary, sometimes if I think it is okay or I think before I write. But that would not be enough so I would just keep it to myself . But that would pai…

What Puberty Did To Me?

Assalamualaikum :)

and to me bff and me

Is there a phobia for this?

Assalamualaikum :)

Hye everyone...
It is the holidays right?
So how are you guys doing?
I hope that you guys are having good times during these holidays.
By the way, referring to the topic.... while listening to this "Jane Eyre" soundtrack suite, I was trying to find a topic....
Then suddenly while I was blogging here.... a guy that I thought I was in love with bloomed me with a short conversation .. Yep, just me and him ... through the chatbox .
Hmm now he does not want to be friends with me...
Ahh who cares?
Do you think I care dude?
No I do not. (think so)

Back to the topic. So what was that kind of phobia that I meant?
Well phobia are always referred to any kinds of fear right?
So this one...
That I am suffering.... is a fear of losing friends and not having best friends.
I do not know why or what but deep inside my heart, I have always been afraid of feeling alone and no one cared about me.Honestly.
Oh My God, I guess no one would really listen to me...
No one would car…

This was actually my script for my "tak jadi" vlog

Assalamualaikum :)

Hey there! So this is my first ever video. Well not really. As you know that it is already the mid-year. Hello june! Wait.. is it? So how was your semester result? I hope that it is better than before. I just checked my result but it isn’t complete yet. but I noticed that I’m getting even worse . well last year was okay but I knew that I could have done better.

So what might be the reason? Hmm I am not sure. I think it is because I am not serious with my studies. Maybe my niat wasn't sincere. Wait is that the word? Haha I also realized that my English is getting worse than ever. Well I cannot blame my school because I still learn maths and science in English yeay! Jealous tak? Haha
For your not so important information, I’m taking igcse… which is International general certificate of secondary school.   Me and my friends were told by some of our teachers that we might have to pass 3 things at a time which is o level, pbs, and png blablabla.. Ntahlah, I’m not su…