Pengalaman menduduki interview JPA dan MYPAC/Yayasan Peneraju PART 2

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To continue yesterday's post,
how do you respond to these questions? (MYPAC)

well first of all, a good friend of mine, Huda Farhana shared with me some of her notes for this particular interview. It would be a bonus if you do your homework on the ACCA website about almost everything. Read and understand the syllabus (IF POSSIBLE JUST MEMORIZE THEM because some of my friends were asked about it) and what are the credentials you need to become a part of ACCA.

When you introduce yourself, don't brag about the unimportant things. They do not want to know about that. Make it interesting. Try to state your strengths and how it compliments the program. For example, you are known to be sociable so in the CAT ACCA program you are required to be that and bla bla bla bla.

Let me just get this straight, just be 210% pro ACCOUNTING. If you didn't take accountancy for SPM go for Mathematics or ADDMATHS. The panels are only keen for super hyped candidates when it comes to accounting.

Make sure you know about the four big firms....
Know the paths to take for candidates who are keen for ACCA.
Tell them you would still go for the longer way for ACCA even if you aren't selected for the scholarship.

Alright moving on to the Q&A part with panels. Just ask them anything! To show how hyped you are for the program or accountancy even.

And be sure to put on a smile and shake hands with the panels after you're done :)


Alright now we are moving on to SAC with JPA. Since I didn't get an A for Addmaths, my only choice was Social Science (France). At first, you would have to do a psychometric test online.
During the SAC, there won't be a writing test. Well maybe a little. When I first arrived, I was super stoked to see a lot of Chinese ._.

I had no idea how to start a conversation. We were all wearing dark coloured sports attire. My dad thought it was for the panels to keep away the "judge a book by it's cover" vibe. Well it was mainly because we had to sit on the floor and do ice breaking stuffs.

Before ice breaking, I was one of the earliest people to wait. We started in a small circle. Then it only got bigger and bigger until there was a hole in the middle and people sat in front of the entrance. How odd. I couldn't keep my butt quiet so I asked everyone to sit according to their "KELOMPOK" since we had our own tags. We were labelled with numbers and either blue or yellow tag. Then, the officers led everyone to do some icebreaking stuffs. At first, I thought they were gonna ask around. I was wrong, it was more to a matter of listening to orders and finding your respective groups.

just to be safe, just talk to anyone you meet :)

My group was the earliest one to be interviewed. It was so tense, I couldn't even let myself hear me breathe. I was quite frustrated since we were timed on how long can we respond. Honestly, I knew every general knowledge they asked. I was surprised when my other teammates didn't know the TN50 and the Anti Vaccination Movement. Maybe it was my luck to get questioned about matters I actually was aware of.

At first they would do it in Malay then they would do it in English. Whatever it is guys, impress those panels! And I forgot to shake their hands though......

Not just that, you would be assigned to do a case study. I was a bit frustrated with the topic because it was so general I think almost everyone was clueless. With all the confidence I had, I lead them all and we managed to give out our presentation. I was a bit disappointed since the other group didn't throw us that many questions.

Overall, I don't know what the hell the JPA wants to see. All I can say is, you are being watched from the moment you got your tag. So just be the very best of you. All the best!

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