Seminggu Bersama FISABILILLAH

Assalamualaikum :)

What I did when I don't have the spirit to study and when I'm terribly missing someone :(

Hai. Nampaknya aku dah mendelete ya segala post aku yang memang menyentuh aib. Huh. Okay so, actually, I just got back from MJSCBPJ :)  I sat for my SDKA exam. It was very... very.... hmmm. I don't know how to describe it. Hihi. I gotta read all the books, and most of the time, I would read it at nite, in the stay-up room. And there, got a TEEVEE! And yeah, I didn't really focused on my studies :b hihi the teebee was indeed a hypnotize. Hihi~ Moreover, when it was the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 Football Match : ) Hoho.

Itu? Nama dia? Rahsia. Hehe. Panggil dia Afina je :)

Okay, so sorry Afina, I stole your pics :) Anyways, she's very cute aih? I'm the right one :D Hihi, at this time, we were watching the football match at the Dewan Selera. We were actually having fun together watching the match at the Stay Up Room. But then, more and more Form 5 students came in. And then, their intention was actually to watch the Hindustan Movie. So.. At first some were really frustrated, but I... me... erm.. I ran straight away to the DS. woo.. And as we watch the match with full of excitement , we also brought our books :) If I wasn't mistaken, we were reading Munakahat >< Auuumm~ My fav subject ! Hehe

And here is Aqilah :) She is really naif and pretty too~ Hehe~ Someone likes her.. like really really seriously. Haha until I did tweet about them getting married . Lol. Still underage! Hehe Anyways.. They weren't the only ones. They are lots and lots of 'em. Hehe

I spent most of my time with Filzah, Af, Areqie and Iman.. And Aisyah.. I guess. Hehe

That is Filzah. Pretty aih? Me the JULENGS . hehe

Filzah.. well, she's super funny to be honest -.- Honestly, she makes us laugh out loud everyday, every time, anywhere! She has that aura.. when you look at her face, you'll automatically think it's funny.. Haha okay... She's been very nice to me. I like her. No. I love her. I love all of my friends. But I love EHEM EHEM more. EHEM EHEM? She's in STF though :'( Anak halim :< Haha okay...

Well, I really did have so much fun at the hostel. Even it was only a week. But, we've been living in the same block for a year *3* I wonder how would it be to live and laugh together for 5 years? :'( Homai. This really reminds me of my seniors...

God.. even not all of them are close and nice, but there are also nice to me, hates and is close to me, and much more. However, whoever they are to me, or whoever am I to them, I will always remember their deeds and kindness and scarification ! Hmm :') Especially those akaks that always scold us every night :3 hihi. Who who? Kak Lynn... Kak As... Kak Farah.... and more <3 hekhek.="hekhek." p="p">

Oh not to forget, Kak Aina :3 hihi and Kak Yahhh~ hekheks. 

I will always remember you guys. I remember that one day, Kak Lynn was about to go home. And Filzah salam her, and so did I. But, I also hugged her. Wow. I really was holding my tears. :'3 I WILL MISS YOU KAKAK KAKAK FORM 5 SO MUCH!

Haha. Chopp...

There must be some SENIORS from boys too would ask me, HOW ABOUT US? Haha.
Of course lah I miss .. Hehe :b buwekk. Ada la, especially Abang Paan kot.. Hehe yeah, he did lots of things for our batch, for our college :) Thank you All... I think that's all...

I hope you guys would succeed dunia dan akhirat~ Hihi

#My nephew and his parents are here,, so tata :)

I write it as FISABILILLAH coz people who tuntut ilmu kerana Allah dikira jihad di jalan Allah :)


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