"Friends are forever, they are to keep"

Assalamualaikum :)

Hye people and stalkers. Oopss. Someone thinks she has stalkers. Woo never mind :p hihi well.. for this post, it's title.. my lovely friend, Nadia Alyssa recommended it. Thank you so much dear. First, let me talk about her. Well, she's someone from KEYELL ahah lantak lah dari mana pun :b hehe she got braces! she's my room mate, and I see her face first every morning coz she sleeps next to me hihi. Okay first impression of her, ERR I THINK SHE HATES ME ._. emm. SHE'S KINDA SNOBBY.. but then after a period of time, you will realize how awesome she is, how caring she is, how funny she is, how LUNATIC she is :) hihi not just her, but EVERY ONE OF MY FRIENDS. FRIENDS.

If you really do love them, really do care of them, really do understand them, really do trust them, you can't even find their negativity . Honestly. well, that's my opinion :) When we fight, or argue with our friends, that time, we should learn and understand each other. Allah is trying to show you to the right path. He wants you to understand each other. You may share your problems to them, and be honest to them, but there are always some things that you wouldn't tell them .. that is what is inside your heart. And is the thing? Well, to me, you don't even know what you're hiding from them... But then one day, it will all be revealed. Wallahualam, I don't know how. But yeah, I've been through tests a lot of time.. Until today and also recently. Ahaha... Ahh.. I just can't understand what should I feel or how am I feeling ...

You know, sometimes when you're online, you're on twitter or facebook or blog, you would like suddenly check out you're friend's page. And you're like, ohh.. she's... wow.... *happy mode* and suddenly you're like, oh how I wish I am with them.. How I miss our moments.... Without them, the moments are just a dream.. Ahahaha something liddat kan :)

Okay now I don't know what am I talking about. Oh okay. Well, with our friends, we feel like we're living in a family. Having fun together, being happy together, laughing together, and cry together, and whatsoever, and yeah sometimes too there are some things that we don't do with friends.. But that is what we shouldn't matter about. What we should about is, are we GRATEFUL and THANKFUL to Allah for giving us such GREAT FRIENDS AND PEOPLE ? To Allah for showing us that LIFE is wonderful.. for showing us that we are not ALONE in this world. For showing us that we deserve to live and feel in peace?

Everyday , when I talk to my friends, laughing out loud with their funny acts and jokes, in my heart, I'll say ASTAGHFIRULLAHAL'AZIM and say ALHAMDULILLAH.... And suddenly, I SMILE. Smile. Not just when I'm with them.. Even sometimes when I look at them, sit alone, I smile. But there are also some parts when I suddenly feel sorrow. And I cry. Tears dropping. Thinking how much have I made them down, not being there for them, hurting them... Not cheering them up. Not making them feel being cared. Senang kata, I FEEL I DID NOTHING BUT MAKING THINGS WORSE. So. I pray. I pray. I pray. I pray for them. I beg Allah. I beg for guidance. I beg for strength. I beg Him.. To give them happiness. To give them a bright life. To protect them.

Sometimes I thought of what they have done for me... They.. helped me . A LOT. I've burdened them a lot. A LOT. Ya Allah, I can't say how much I am grateful for living with such caring and loving family in this world :') Helping me to be a better person...... Ya Allah.. Ya Rahman Ya Rahim..

I wish everyday, I could go and see each of my friends , hold them , hug them, and say, I'M SORRY. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. I LOVE YOU FRIEND :') Honestly. Sincerely...

Ya Allah.. thank you Ya Allah ..... Friends, who are reading this, I will never forget you. Even if you've helped me as tiny as a virus , ahahah, you are still my PRECIOUS FRIENDS. It doesn't matter YOUNG or OLD .. Uhibbu Antumaa wa Antunna :) UKHUWAH!

Thank you for being my friend :) Anyone out there, doesn't matter lah if you're in or not in the pics, but you are always in my mind and heart.. FRIENDS OUT THERE! IN BRUNEI! FROM KINDERGARTEN! FROM PRIMARY SCHOOL! SIGS! EHEHE EVERYWHERE! :)

Thank you :) Yang benar, Fatimah xoxo Assalamualaikumwarrahmatullahiwabarakatuh.


Aieee Man said…
I love you imahhh ;') Thanks for everything . You the best friend that i ever had - aiman (:

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