This was actually my script for my "tak jadi" vlog

Assalamualaikum :)

Hey there! So this is my first ever video. Well not really.
As you know that it is already the mid-year. Hello june! Wait.. is it?
So how was your semester result? I hope that it is better than before.
I just checked my result but it isn’t complete yet. but I noticed that I’m getting even worse . well last year was okay but I knew that I could have done better.

So what might be the reason? Hmm I am not sure. I think it is because I am not serious with my studies. Maybe my niat wasn't sincere. Wait is that the word? Haha
I also realized that my English is getting worse than ever. Well I cannot blame my school because I still learn maths and science in English yeay! Jealous tak? Haha

For your not so important information, I’m taking igcse… which is International general certificate of secondary school.  
Me and my friends were told by some of our teachers that we might have to pass 3 things at a time which is o level, pbs, and png blablabla..
Ntahlah, I’m not sure what am I facing now . lol
And honestly it’s hard and confusing. Again I don’t blame the government….
If you googled this, you would understand this igcse crap thingy. But actually gcse is much more easier..
So to pass this o’level before a’level, we must pass these checkpoints. I think. And we have like 6 of em? I think ? and the first one will be on this june.

Some of us are like really busy thinking bout that and some of my batch are like, err whatever. And I’m like. I should do something now. I can make things better for this. But I don’t seem to put any effort in yet. luls
So what is important here is that you must find your goal. Yes your dreams. Yes you must have a lot of things that you want in your life… but what are the most important things that you can achieve in a short period of time? Wait was that right? Anyway

I just remembered my conversation with my brother and it was him talking to me. He noticed that am a bit spoilt at home. So he is like finding something for me so that I could do at least something good at home rather than.. em… well. Er so he showed me this software thingy Idk but it was a guide for kids my age to invent a game. At first I was a bit interested then suddenly I lose hope on understanding the instructions. Because I was so happy … I got to watch a really cool drama. Haha then he kinda talked about my interests. I mean he asked me. He asked, what do you like to do? And I was like thinking, woah I love a lot of things. And I said, writing bcoz at that time I knew that I always write. And then he asked me again, what kind of or type do I write? I think that was the question. Hihi at first I didn’t understand  

Now you might have a problem with that coz you know the circumstances or obstacles that might come in your way to achieve it.

Yeah! So what are you waiting for! Go and study ! fight your nafsu! Fi sabilillah!
And also remember all of this , is for the sake of Allah’s bless. Not to please people. And if you fail, it doesn’t mean that you fail in this world as long as you are sincere to what you are doing.
Keep on giving in your full effort ! Then you pray! Tawakal! And istiqamah! These are very important.
Take care of your iman too. 

Yes, we can’t get a perfect life, but at least we try, and trying doesn’t mean you try once. But you get up when you fall and try and try. In Shaa Allah! As long as you have your akidah with you! So I pray you all the best!

Jangan taksub dengan dunia sangat…… sampai lupa akhirat. 
Sama sama lah kita menuju kejayaan dan hiduplah dengan solat! Haiya haiya! Hiduplah!


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