Assalamualaikum :)

Okay so obviously like dah lama gila kan since the last time I updated. So seriously a lot of things happened...and so I think I might wanna make this thing short and simple. 
*mimpi je la short and simple*

haha okay so you know sejak kebelakangan ni; tak tau lah angau ke miang ke apa ke kan tapi asyik rasa nak kahwin awal lah haha 
*maybe due to the wedding ceremonies i have been attending*

tapi bukan nak main kahwin centu je; i thought also about cepat sikit habiskan studies and get a job and have fun while i still can and be someone's wife.

so trying to clear out my vision to a purer one; i asked my dad while we were on our way to the clinic in the car about how did he continue his studies and whatever...

and i asked him; kira baba ni pandai lah eh dulu?

"yep" he said.

but he also said time amik degree; you'll have problem in managing your time most probably. he said masa degree lah you will learn a lot of new things that you cant just get em from textbooks.

which i am still figuring out what are they.

but soon enough; all of us will be experiencing them kan? haha

honestly; i dont have a clue on how's my future is gonna be because i love everything that i learnt in school but what I REALLY REALLY LOVE TO DO MOST is everything that has something to do with arts.

i love dancing, directing, theater, singing, arts and etc

"gorgeously artistic kan"

hahaha sometimes i wonder also what's the use of  belajar tinggi tinggi but then dah get married cannot keje *bajet cam tahu je suami kaya*

hahaha i dun noe la, oke let me ask my future husband first...
i dont have one.


*ye ke?!* <---suara belakang="" p="">

hhahahah ihiks i donno :)

papepun. knowing that zaman dah berubah, and budak pandai merata rata tempat; it actually inspires me to learn and study hard. 

and i was also inspired by this one..

the name of this person is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stucked in my head.


enough haha oke nite.


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