Imah's first time to UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Assalamualaikum :)

So I know, I havent been updating my blog. Probably because not many of my friends actually do this...and I don't really have stories to tell. To be honest, once upon a time, I was a very active blogger...but somehow...I dont know..things have changed?

So anyways, referring to the title, YES! I went to US! Well I didnt really like travel every states there. It wasn't actually a trip. We had this um competition. You should google about it. WORLD SCHOLAR'S CUP. It is an amazing program! It has three stages , well actually just two but the third round is like a BONUS. First, there is the REGIONAL ROUND. So they have a few rounds for every country maybe. So for Malaysia, they have KL Round and Penang Round.

Obviously we went to KL Round. And to be very honest, the KL Round was MY VERY FIRST EXPERIENCE IN WORLD SCHOLAR'S CUP. And Alhamdulillah sesangat that we won quite a lot for the round.

And for that, we got an invitation to the GLOBAL ROUND in Singapore! It was such a blast! We learnt really a lot there.  And I made some friends too!

So this is my team, we stayed in the same room.

Our first day for the WSC Opening Ceremony at the Stars Theater!

Our college sent two teams, so this is the second team, Alfareeza and Suhada!

This was the Scavenge Hunt! We were lining up for dinner at the Wave House, Sentosa Island. We were separated teams. It was crazyyy!!

Me and my teammates in the crowd of participants!

Left ; Iman , Me, Saria :D

Our happy faces at Nanyang Girls' School after we won all three debates with teams from around the world!

The scholar's ball was at a nightclub called the Zouk! Crazy gila kan? Dont worry, we just went to see how the people were and teman Agillesh hahaha Seriously it gave me a headache to absorb the heavy music . Nope, there were minuman keras HAHA surprisingly there were also nerds at the club. well, it is a nerds' ball!

everybody was supposed to get an alpacca but it ran out so me and saria and iman only got the small ones :(

this is me with the director of the World Scholar's Cup, Mr. DANIEL BERDICHEVSKY!

Us the girls with the OH MY GOD MASHAA ALLAH HENSEM BENO , Nathan :)

this is me, with suhada and miss fairus waiting for iman's mom and oh my i was fasting 

this was the closing ceremony! very cool!

 Although WE DIDNT WIN A LOT at the global round, but ALHAMDULILLAH SANGAT we were invited to the TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS in Yale! Ya Allah, very very grateful for that.

our first breakfast in New Haven, Connecticut. 

we visited some of the Yale colleges

it was so great to be in M.I.T.

this was in New Haven for the scholar's bowl!

The Malaysian teams! MJSC Batu Pahat and Yayasan Saad College. Why are smart people so good looking??????

the thanksgiving dinner! i was hella vogue :b

this is me iman saria and miss fairus at the lobby of the omni hotel in new haven!

we with le krismes twiii somewhere in new haven (on the way back to our hotel) (yes!!we walk to everywhere!!)

we went to the united nation! in new york!

it was so cool to experience , walking SO LONGGGGGGG in new york

us selfie-ing in the meeting room of idk but it hasnt been used for quite some time in the UN headquarters

while we were walking to yale university 

who wants to go to yale?


In front of MIT

IN NEW YORK!!! In front of Madame Tussauds

I wish it was real :(

New York from the Empire States Building

it started to snow in New Jersey!

we went shopping!

the popcorn was great

I actually bought a POLAROID and took some photos with it!
I dont know how to tell you how was it, but honestly banyak sangat we went through masa kat sana.
I am truly grateful for the opportunity .
Sangat looking forward to go again next year!

#sorry i distracted tak sempat nak cite hehe


Thats amazing! I went to Dubai for WSC. You such a lucky girl!

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