letting it out #1

Assalamualaikum :)

I am such a mess right now. Since when? Since I don't know. I am pretty sure since I became a person who wants to please people. What I mean here is that, I'll do my very best, polish myself, be good in everything for the sake of pleasing other people. Well, I do agree with the term of making your parents proud but I don't see how I could do so as most of the time, I'm with students like me in a boarding school.
I think this is one of the factors how you would enhance yourself just to fit in or have a good reputation. You see, some people like me who has issues with family relationships, and seriously attached to  friends, tend to have wrong intentions about being in a student in a boarding school.

It is very important that you must ask yourself right now if you have the right intentions when you're at school and is whatever you're doing is helping you to achieve your main goals? Sometimes, we tend to forget our priorities at school especially with stressing waves from teachers, assignments, strict rules and so many other things. Each and one of ius here must have something that's always bugging you at school , or at least affects your focus on your studies. It might be, you're concerned about you're weight because people keep calling you fat, you're in love, you feel like you need to be like your filthy rich friends, you don't like a teacher and whatever else that you can think of.

It is very important to remind yourself that you have priorities. You have to remember, who's paying all the costs and who's working for em? You might not see the struggle, but you are smart. You can imagine it. You must have empathy. Oh no, you will feel guilty if you are wasting a lot of your time and money.

It is absolutely fine to have fun, but if you can't think of your parents or teachers, think of your own. How will your future be?

Even if you fail, there is still hope.

As long as you're not dead yet. And remember, the struggles you go through and will go through, everything is things that you are capable of.

You'll discover what you never thought you are capable of.

While you chase after your dreams,
You also have to remember about preparing yourself for the afterlife.

Everyday, every second, ask yourself,
Is whatever youre doing benefiting you in the hereafter?

And a tip ,
Always ask yourself if God is pleased with your doings or not.



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