CHANCES in spreading good

Assalamualaikum :)

Okay so basically semua orang tau kan pasal yg whenever we want to change, don't take the most drastic way.

Step by step, kata orang.

And in most cases, people give this chance only to the ones yg majority. But not to the minority. And there are even for things yg normal and tak berapa dibudayakan.

I'll give you a very simple example.

Let's say in a school, everybody is aware of covering their aurah and such... Like memang konpem konpem ah semua orang memang bertudung. Bab aurat memang pehh lah kan kita tekankan.

Benda lain, memang tak kisah sebab dah jadi benda yg lazim.

Sat gi when there's a girl who doesnt really wear proper clothes and a hijab, her friends force her to look like a Muslim.

But every time, when a lot of people have strictly explained about ikhtilat, they are either ignorant or they find it hard.

So this girl who is bring pushed by her friends feels like is this how Islam teaches about preaching?

Her friends still talk to boys like they are in their own world and such!

You tell people that you are not stopping from your bad doings because it requires time! Patience! Alright...

But why do you force people?

Remember! La ikrahafiddin! Tiada paksaan pun dalam Islam ha.

If we could give the smokers time to repent, to change, why can't other people too?

Even Allah s.w.t. is very forgiving. Most forgiving!

So, when you preach later on, after this or whatsoever, always remember that you do this because of Allah. The hopes that the people we aim to change can only be willed by Allah s.w.t.

Besides, preaching is like cleansing yourself too. Because like every time we want to spread good, Ada je tetiba hatemails and such kan? Itu semua daripada Allah to strengthen our faith, and to enhance our skills and knowledge.

Apalah dikira ini dunia jika tiada dugaan dan cabaran.

Always keep the faith, in Allah.

Hablu minallah, hablu minannas!


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