the reality #1

Assalamualaikum :)

Hey everyone. How's your holiday? Trust me, how fine you're holiday was doesn't depend on anyone else but you. You're the one who makes the holiday beneficial or sort of ripping your life apart.

By the way, to any of you who followed my twitter yeah I kinda deactivated it recently, hoping that it will be deleted? But let's see how long can it last because I have actually tried doing it.

Okay, so going back to the topic today well I don't really have the specific idea to share with you guys but lemme just say that in this world there are tons of people like seriously different people.

I may not be well experienced I have seen this with my own eyes. I'm a teenager who goes to a boarding school, and not just any boarding school. I'm not tryna be proud of it, but it's a fact that my school can be a lot of different than daily schools. We have a lot of organizations among students, clubs, activities and a seriously packed time-table. The hardest part is to fit in with everybody else.

Honestly it feels like home because you meet the same people over and over again, but depends if you are an introvert or an extrovert. Like I have a friend, who doesn't even know the student leaders because she is really into studies and never interested in people. But alhamdulillah, after we (the good-eye devil friends) always make fun of her, she starts to know people's names and better than me too!

HAHAH also in my batch, I've noticed that we are really really mature in our thinking ways (the girls) and like we were 25 years old stuck in 16 years old bodies. LOL

And we were highly aware of a lot things, but not so into general knowledge hahhahahaha

 So to make it simple, I was grateful for the people around me who aren't that really stupid or what or childish or what idk but like everybody thinks in the same box even we were different particles.

But every time I'm out of school, I'm really confused to see everyone not being/doing what I'm used to. I was as if in a different world. I couldn't take my eyes off from everyone. There were FLAWS everywhere. It wasn't perfect. It did not achieve to the standards of the environment that I was used to.

Even my outside friends, they didn't think the same way. They still talk about unnecessary stuffs, do things that are absolutely not supported in the environment I lived, and ignoring what we at school usually prioritize and pressurized.

It was always a shock. Every day. I can't...Girls posting pics of themselves without their hijab, 3-inches of make-up, hugging their boyfriends, smoking, vaping and should I state more?

I hated it. I didn't like them at all. I felt sad, confused, angry, empathy and ....

These aren't judgementals starter pack but it is what you should actually feel.

That is one of the ways, to do good.

I know, I know it's hard to accept that people aren't achieving our expectations but the saddest truth is of course that they can't obey Allah's orders.

So, what should you do? Do what other Muslims should do.

DA'WAH. Pray for them.

And be yourself, as long as it's okay, then keep on being yourself.
You don't have to change yourself just to fit in,
well maybe a little but don't make it something that saddens you.

Make people want to be like you, be a role model, be the best of you
For Allah, for the ummah, for your family, for you!

Inspire people. Help people...

with sincerity and kindness. With love and care. With empathy.

(think about this, think, have you been treating people like this?)
(think, how far have you achieved on getting people to be better together with you?)
(think, what have you done to help the ummah?)
(think, have you been giving reminders?)
(think, have you been showing only the good side of you?)
(think, is God happy with you?)
think, will you be able to save yourself?
think, if people would blame you in the hereafter for not helping them at least?

Because that's the secret recipe to achieve a strong ummah.
In shaa Allah.


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