my thoughts on arlina

Assalamualaikum :)

Biasalah kan, dah nak dekat raya memang cuti betul-betul walaupun kerja rumah bertimbun.
But just let me clarify one thing here;
I will definitely keep this blog active from time to time in sha Allah but of course lah after SPM okay T_T

Saya ni calon SPM yang cemerlang yang sepatutnya buat kerja rumah dan belajar...tapi KELAUT! Oh my God please tell me who would really put aside the raya mode aside at this time???

Okay so if you follow twitter issues that were trending in Malaysia;
ARLINA BANANA was one of it. I don't really follow her much but (no offense) I kinda know about her. I even have a batchmate who has a sister who knew Arlina. So the fuss that was going on was
Arlina tweeted to everyone that she was going to take her own life. Yes. Total suicide.

If you're a loyal follower of hers she has been such a great motivation to a lot of people regarding being plus sized and not hot && flawless like how the media shows us.
However, she still gets a lot of hate I dont know maybe because she's liberal and some people couldn't be smart enough to tolerate with that. The thing is, some people on twitter are so inconsiderate they actually make fun of her suicide message.

Some even said she's just fooling around like they are so inhumane. I don't know how to describe these people but jeez they even wished for her to just die (????!!!!??)

She is definitely a patient of depression and what not; -- I just feel so bad about that for her.

I feel like I want to brainwash all those low minded people who gave her so much hate.

At one point...I don't have respect to my own people (well depa yang jahat tu lah)

If the younger generation of Malaysia are already like this;
what to expect meh for people in the future.

From my observation; people yang pandai berfikir ni lah yang bagi ayat-ayat baik && pendapat yang respect her and everyone else.

Entahlah. Who am I to even say about this.

Esok nak beli mekap hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm kbye


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