Subhanallah, my Eid week :)

Assalamualaikum :)

Hi everybody! I think it isn't too late for me to wish you all a very Happy Eid ul-Fitr! You know what? I actually wanted to fast for the whole month of Ramadhan but well eventually my ovary is healthy so it doesn't skip a few days *LOL*

Okay so I have decided to share with all of you the things that happened to me. When I wanted to type the title, suddenly there was like an idea bulb popping out of my head and I was actually half smiling!

So let me tell you that firstly I thought this holiday could be a bit more productive than the previous ones. Well, I'll be having a lot of exams from now on and they are SUPER IMPORTANT. Yes, I am a candidate for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or is it Menengah (secondary) ? Hahaha never mind. But like always, everything is already 'ke laut' (to the sea).

So actually I asked my mom to buy this Fynn Jamal RTW Samiah that was on SALE for only 130 something from 160+++ since it was her son's birthday, Juna. I was like, WHY NOT JUST BUY THIS AS OUR RAYA OUTFIT???? Because I was so in love with the idea of the design. I mean like even I didn't think of making a jubah with a sari-like inspiration. At first, I thought my mom knew that was half sari but she didn't. She blamed her being old & not seeing small things.

So the above picture here is the only girls in my family! Well, for now! Don't we look adorable??? I actually wanted Mama to wear a shawl like my sister did. I actually wanted to wear that shawl she's wearing but Arissa Khairina suggested the white one. And I did! And indeed it was the right choice!

You see the oddly formed shadow behind there? That's actually from Dr Ibrahim who's a friend of my parents. He's Libyan. He thought the torchlight from his phone could be the extra lighting. *LOL*
Yep, he was young and he already has a PhD and damn fine!

I actually went on to make myself ready before anyone else because I knew I would be so late at getting ready! Eventually, I went to cut some watermelon after this shot! Mom was completely pissed off because she wanted to bathe too! LOL

I didn't even know there was a competition! I actually posted this to acknowledge Fynn Jamal that I'm such a loyal fan and to appreciate and acknowledge people about Ms Laina Sofia. She was the personal shopper I found on FynnJamalRTW site and bought these for us. Loved her service! Thanks Ms Laina Sofia! If you want a good friendly and trusted personal shopper for Fynn Jamal RTW you can just contact her on her instagram @lainasofiajs

And thanks to Yaya for informing me!

And finally I went to see Hawa, my neighbour I just found out a few months ago and a good friend of mine. I really don't know what we have in common but I believe there's a reason Allah met us up :)
It wasn't easy I tell ya. Me living in Batu Pahat for most of the time, and her having her life.

So I have always wanted to stop by at her house to have some chit chat and what not. And I THOUGHT I NEVER WILL but I just did! I was a bit relieved for being able to meet her finally and have a little chat with her :')

Couldn't do much but gave her the first duit raya I could ever give to anyone!
In fact, with ADANIA sampul duit raya with MizzNina's signature!

And it was so kind of her to give me this cream tho! It is to be said to treat your skin problems or inner problems or any kind of bruises. It's called Krim O2 (krim metafizik). Do you want me to make a review on it? Haha well just wore it just now. For now, I don't feel itchy or anything at all.

And here is me, with my acne-ish skin. Does anyone know what I can do? Or just wait for it to disappear?

So now, when you see this post. You might be thinking which part of it that's so magical. Well, that's because I didn't tell you. To be honest, before each and every photo there's a really sad angry hateful moment for me. There was a time I was so depressed I didn't even want to celebrate Eid. I even got so mad one time I felt like throwing stuffs everywhere.

I thought for a moment, I have the worst life ever. I feel so unblessed. But then, looking back at all that has happened in this week and well actually this very short period, there are so many moments Allah has created for me to remember and learn from. I guess, many people forget to be grateful of what they have until they don't have anything at all. So, I'm doing this entry for you to always think back at what you have. It isn't about what other people have and what you don't, it's your attitude.

Happiness comes from you.

and I am very very very very happy & grateful for my sister in law who's married to my eldest brother who I have known since I was four. She's the only person who knows how to bring me back to smiles and correct me when I'm wrong. I love her so much I can't even think the right word to describe her love care and kindness.

Guys, some of my emotional moments were something about my Beauty Blender. Won't nag about it here, but didn't even expect to buy one or anyone to buy it for me but she did. She even learned all about it just to make sure I wasn't wanting stuff stupidly.

Here is it. Maybe I'll do review on this. Tell me if you want me to do reviews okay?


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